British Royal Wedding – Prince Wiilam & Kate Middleton

British Royal Wedding – Prince Wiilam & Kate Middleton

Posted On: April 28, 2011
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The biggest wedding of century is going to happen on Apt. 29th, 2011 when Prince Charles & Kate Middleton will accept each other as Husband & Wife.

The new princess will crowned and the biggest wedding of the century will be watched online by many supporters from around the world.

The wedding will happen at Westminster Abbey, in London, UK. An official holiday has been declared in UK on the eve of British Royal Wedding.

Prince William & Kate have been going around from quiet few years. They met during their college time and have also stayed together for few years. During on of their holiday trips last year, Prince William proposed Kate for marriage and presented her with a ring which his father gave to Princess Diana.

The big stage is set and lot of ministers and important delegates have got invitation to watch Royal Wedding Online.

Even it is expected that more than 2 billion viewers will atch Royal Wedding Live Stream. You can also catch Royal Wedding live by clicking on the below given button.